Monday, November 12, 2007


I HATE MONDAYS!!! It might have something to do with only have MAYBE one day off a week, but it's irritating. Josh is off today so that will be nice to be here by myself today. I'm glad football is over though. That's a whole group of kids I won't see till next year. Some of them will stop in to see us, but most we won't see again for 9 months. YAY!!! So Eric caught 3 things in his traps yesterday, 2 raccoons and a opossum. He was sooooooo excited. At least we know that he can do it now. And he's making $20 a big coon hide so that will help with expenses. But I need to put the football knee braces away. It's a dirty, smelly job but someone has to do it and since Josh didn't do it yesterday, it looks like it's now become my problem.

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