Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Are you into high school sports? Are you a high school football player or do you know a high school football player? Or are you a high school basketball player or know someone who plays high school basketball? Well have I got something for you. It’s called TAKKLE. TAKKLE is a social network for high school sports. It’s a place developed to help high school athletes succeed. Athletes can use TAKKLE to check in with their favorite groups, check their practice schedule, and post their best photos/videos. TAKKLE was intended to make coaches' lives a little simpler. The site provides tools to organize game and practice schedules; communicate efficiently and confidentially with team members; scout teams and players for up-coming games; and help players connect with college coaches in a way never seen before. Finding them has always been the trick - and now, instead of scanning box scores in local newspapers from Princeton to Portland, TAKKLE will be the most valuable resource for college recruiters. TAKKLE will offer full access to complete game statis-tics, as well as photos and videos for hundreds of thousands of individual athletes and teams from across from the country. And finally there is a home for fans, friends, and parents of high school athletes, High School Football players as well as High School Basketball player across the country. TAKKLE will allow fans to track the progress of their favorite players and teams, receive up-dates on stats and games, check profiles of players, view videos and photos that have been up-loaded from recent games, post comments, and add ratings. . I was paid for this post.

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